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November 2017 release notes (10.7.7)


This release will be applied to our PROD system during the last week of November. 

Highlights of this release

Assignments - Rubric Visibility | Updated

In the Assignments tool, rubrics are now positioned at the beginning of the assessment portion for an assignment. Previously, rubrics appeared below the Learning Objectives as part of a large list of rubric links. Now, additional links have been removed and the rubrics are displayed, followed by the assignment’s learning objectives.

Grades - Expansion of grade exemptions work | Updated

This feature is an expansion of grade exemptions work that impacts the Content tool, the Calendar tool, the Course Schedule, and the Updates widget.

Groups and Sections - Improvements | Updated

Previously, section enrollments were incorrectly determined based on the can be auto-enrolled in to groups or access all groups role properties in some areas.This feature includes improvements to section enrollments that are now consistently determined by the can be auto-enrolled in to sections or access all sections role properties.


You can read the complete release notes. 
Note that sone of the features mentioned in this release may not be available on our system. 


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