Videoconference and audioconference call

Need technological resources to communicate remotely? There are various tools, that are available to you, that will allow you to speak to your students when you cannot be at the same location. Here are a few of them:


Students can interact in real time with the professor: cameras and microphones transmit sound and pictures between the various classrooms. The professor uses an electronic whiteboard linked through the Internet to the other classrooms to present lecture material. These courses are offered only in those sites equipped to receive them. This varies according to the program of studies and the demand in a particular area.

The Centre for Innovative Technologies in Education (CITE) has several audio and video conferencing rooms available to both members of the internal community and to external clients. Teaching and learning activities are, however, always given priority.

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Video Bridge

The CITE Multi Point Video Conferencing System delivers the highest quality multipoint conferencing experience to its users. Its features include:

  • On-demand conferencing
  • High definition (HD) audio and video
  • Easy content sharing between attendees

Audioconference Call

Get instant access to a conference call whenever you need to bring people together—for weekly recurring meetings, to calls at a moment's notice and everything in between. No reservations are required to use this service. All you need to initiate a call  is  your permanent dial-in number and conference code.

Some courses are also delivered via live audio conference, with support material available online. This type of delivery allows more students to take the courses, which can even be taken from home. The students can listen and talk to the professor in real time. They must have access to a computer with Internet, as well as basic computer skills and a telephone line separate from their Internet connection. This course delivery method is used by the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and the Faculty of Education.

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An immersive telepresence solution aims to make you feel like you are sitting in the same room as your video connected colleagues. With 8 feet of seamless, cinematic video wall, that presents high definition to every participant in true-to-life dimensions. This is the only solution that enables you to see all participants in true-to-life dimensions whether they sit, stand, or move around the room. All participants will be able to enjoy a truly natural and dynamic meeting experience.

The all-inclusive environment with the ceiling cloud of acoustic baffling, studio quality lighting, sound-absorbing back wall, full-screen video on the front wall, and calculated table-height matching the far end room all contribute to the immersive feeling. It’s the closest thing to being there.

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