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The Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) is pleased to present its Training and event Program, which is a series of various activities designed to allow all faculty members to improve their knowledge and skills in learning and teaching.

We are also offering webinars. This means you will be able to attend some live sessions at the location of your choice. 

Click on one of the events below to see the event details and register.     

Nancy Vézina

Photo de nancy Vézina

Nancy is the Educational Programs Manager at the University of Ottawa's Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS). She has a background in mathematics education and has worked in the university environment for more than 20 years.

Through the years, she has taught over 70 university courses in a variety of formats (large and small classes, online and distance learning, blended courses, practicum supervision, etc.). She has a recognized expertise in the training of teachers (both teacher and continuing education), particularly in the area of mathematics education.

Since her arrival at the TLSS, she has been responsible for various projects related to university teaching, such as the implementation of different training programs and special projects. She is particularly interested in innovative teaching approaches and methods that can make learning more meaningful for university students.

All the events offered by this person:

Webinaire – Stratégies d’organisation pour simplifier la création de contenus dans le Campus Virtuel
Concevoir un cours fait appel à de nombreuses ressources que l’on doit organiser afin d’en faire un tout cohérent.
Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 12:00 to 13:00
Webinar – Organizational Strategies to Simplify the Creation of Content in the Virtual Campus
Designing a course involves organizing many resources in order to ensure a coherent final product.
Friday, March 23, 2018 - 12:00 to 13:00
Webinaire – Le dossier d’enseignement : un outil essentiel
Le dossier d’enseignement est un outil qui permet de mettre en valeur une variété de réalisations dans le domaine de l’enseignement.
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 12:00 to 13:00
Webinar – The Teaching Dossier: An Essential Tool
Developing a teaching dossier is a great way to emphasize different achievements related to teaching.
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 12:00 to 13:00
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