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TLSS Training and Events Program

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The Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) is pleased to present its Training and event Program, which is a series of various activities designed to allow all faculty members to improve their knowledge and skills in learning and teaching.

We are also offering webinars. This means you will be able to attend some live sessions at the location of your choice. 

Click on one of the events below to see the event details and register.     

Marc Villeneuve

Photo de Marc Villeneuve

Distance Education and Off-Campus Site Coordinator

Marc is coordinator of external sites and distance education since 2008. He has nearly 20 years of experience in mediated teaching in all its forms. In 2006, he completed his Masters in Education at the University of Ottawa. He is particularly interested in the use of classroom technologies and collaborative practices in education. He has participated and led several major projects in the field of technology and teaching at the University and elsewhere. Marc is involved in the training of professors, either on an individual basis or in large groups.