Name Position Phone
Mario Amyot Educational Technologies Specialist 3681
Jason Ball Senior Educational Technologies Specialist - Evening 5900
Jean-Pascal Beaudoin Educational Developer 2428
Marc Bélanger Multimedia Design Developer 2638
Dominic Blouin Multimedia Integration Design Developer 5900
Denis Bouchard Chief Administrative Officer 3543
Denis Boudreau Technician 5900
Melissa Brasgold Specialist, Educational Development and Digital Learning 1422
Emmanuel Cadet Coordinator for Mediated Learning 4538
Elizabeth Campbell Brown Instructional Designer 3564
Julie Campbell-Charbonneau Administrative Officer 5850
Jeanette Caron Manager, Digital Development 7421
Éric Clément Educational Technologies Specialist 4616
Constance Gervais Technician Clerk - Cornwall 613-938-6989
Gerald Davidson Technician Clerk - Hawkesbury 613-678-8950
Manon Drouin Executive Assistant 2495
Wejdan El-Lami Programmer Analyst (CNFS) 3204
Desiré Elese Lokoy Coordinator – Systems and Technology 3560
Jean-Sébastien Émond Systems Administrator 3352
Alain Erdmer Director General 5300
Xavier Erdmer Supervisor, Educational Technologies Support 5900
Martin Fortin Manager – Learning Technology Systems and Networks 6533
Patrice Garnier Educational Technologies Specialist 3972
Ornella Gatore Customer Support and Information Officer 5787
Derek Gratton Educational Technologies Specialist - Evening 6522
Jason Griffiths Senior Educational Technologies Specialist 5900
Jovan Groen Senior Analyst — Strategic Research and Impacts Evaluation 2607
Aimé Habamenshi Educational Technologies Specialist-Evening 5800
Thomas Hayes Multimedia Integration and Design Developer 3051
Kimya Keyhan Specialist, Educational Development and Digital Learning 8960
Gilles Laberge Training and Support Officer 8869
Sébastien Lacasse Educational Technologies Specialist 3745
Jamey Laroche Web Designer 3561
Sébastien Leduc Coordinator - Learning Technology Systems 6525
David Macdonald Specialist, Educational Development and Digital Learning 7498
Rock Martel-Langlois Educational Technologies Specialist - Evening 5900
Michael Mclaughlin Coordinator - Technical Support for Events and Multimedia Projects 5900
Geneviève Gauthier Graduate Curriculum Design and Professional Skills 4310
Vanessa Nacarino Events Coordinator 5333
Anne Patry Instructional Designer 3565
Erwan Pérès Web Developer 4946
Mélanie Perras Educational Developer for Blended Learning 3452
Richard Pinet Director 3566
Karine Poghosyan Web & Multimedia Designer Technician 1481
Gisèle Richard User Interface / User Experience / Design Specialist 3563
Rémi Rousseau Instructional Designer 2313
Paul Roy Educational Technologies Specialist 5900
Éric Smith Technician Clerk - Pembroke 613-735-5181
Pierre Tardif Coordinator – Technicial Support for Events 3681
Daniel Tessier Educational Technologies Specialist 6878