TLSS - Teaching and Learning Support Service

Name Position Phone
Alain Erdmer Director 6484
Anne Patry Instructional Designer 3565
Jamey Laroche Web Designer
Constance Gervais Technician Clerk - Carnwall 613-938-6989
Daniel Tessier Teaching and Learning Systems Specialist 6878
David Macdonald Educational Developer - Blended 7498
Denis Bouchard Chief Administrative Officer 3713
Denis Boudreau Technician 6878
Derek Gratton Teaching and Learning Systems Specialist 6522
Desiré Elese Lokoy Coordinator – Systems and Technology 3560
Dominic Blouin Multimedia Systems Specialist 5900
Elizabeth Campbell Brown Instructional Designer 3564
Emmanuel Cadet Coordinator Centre for e-Learning 4538
Éric Clement Multimedia Systems Specialist 4616
Erwan Pérès Multimedia Programmer 4946
Gisèle Richard E-Learning Design and Marketing Support Officer 3563
Jason Griffiths Multimedia Systems Specialist 5900
Jean Sébastien Émond System Administrator 3352
Jean-Pascal Beaudoin Educational Developer 2428
Jeanette Caron Project Manager 7421
Jovan Groen Senior Analyst — Strategic Research and Impacts Evaluation 2607
Julie Campbell Charbonneau Administrative Officer 5850
Karine Poghosyan Web & Multimedia Designer 1481
Manon Drouin Executive Assistant 5300
Marc Bélanger Multimedia Design Developer 2638
Marc Viau Multimedia Integrator 5900
Marc Villeneuve Distance Education & Off-Campus Site Coordinator 6967
Mario Amyot Multimedia Systems Specialist 3681
Martin Fortin Manager – Learning Technology Systems and Networks 6533
Melissa Brasgold Educational Developer - Blended 1422
Michael Mclaughlin Coordinator - Technical Support for Events and Multimedia Projects 5900
Michel Marcheterre Manager - Learning Technology Systems and Networks 2875
Nancy Vézina Teaching Programs Manager 3899
Pascal Wickert Director - Operations and Communication 6039
Patrick Milot Graduate Curriculum Design and Professional Skills 4310
Pierre Tardif Coordinator – Technicial Support for Events 3681
Rémi Rousseau Instructional Designer 2313
Richard Pinet Director 3566
Sébastien Lacasse Teaching and Learning Systems Specialist 3745
Sébastien Leduc Coordinator - Learning Technology Systems 6525
Thomas Hayes Multimedia Integration and Design Developer 3051
Vanessa Nacarino Events Coordinator 5333
Xavier Erdmer Senior Educational Technologies Specialist 5900
Jason Ball Senior Educational Technologies Specialist - Evening 5900
Rock Martel-Langlois Educational Technologies Specialist - Evening 6484
Sima Vatandoust Instructional Designer 2637
Wejdan El-Lami Programmer Analyst (CNFS) 3204
Eric Smith Technician Clerk - Pembroke 613-735-5181
Gerald Davidson Technician Clerk - Hawkesbury 613-678-8950
Gilles Laberge Training and Support Officer 4310