TLSS - Teaching and Learning Support Service


The Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) workshops on techno-pedagogy address various aspects of the use of technologies in higher education, and aim to provide support to faculty members.

They will provide you with advice and assistance in developing strategies that support teaching, and educational use of technologies, such as:
  • developing techno-pedagical scenarios
  • designing environments and mediated learning tools
  • integrating new TI in teaching initiatives
  • operating and using various tools used in the development of techno-pedagogical projects

If you wish to get training on a techno-pedagogy topic that we do not currently offer, please contact us so we can discuss the possibility of adding this topic in one of our future series.

While we offer workshops related to techno-pedagogy, we also provide workshops on pedagogy. Click here to find out more...


Melissa Brasgold

melissa brasgold 2

Educational Developer

Melissa is an educational developer and professor at the University of Ottawa. For more than 10 years she has been involved in numerous endeavors favouring student success, the improvement of teaching practices, and the creation of an inclusive teaching environment at the University of Ottawa. She has expertise in course design, online classroom instruction, and the use of technology for academic purposes. In addition, her 15 years of research experience focusing on the cognitive, as well as behavioral aspects of learning, memory and attention, with a particular emphasis on learning impairment and disability, provide her with a unique view of, and approach to the teaching and learning paradigm.