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The TLSS offers several different services to help you develop your skills and make your function easier.

For those who intend to become a professor, we also offer a program of specialized courses in university teaching for which a certificate of completion is now available (see below in our featured services).  We encourage you to browse all of our menus and discover our wide range of services available throughout the year offer by a team of dedicated professionals who listen to your needs.

Orientation Day

You are a teaching assistant and want to perfect your skills in pedagogy? The Teaching Assistants Orientation Day allows you to learn more about university teaching by participating in various training workshops. Be part of the activities scheduled for January 2018.

Specialized Courses

  • You are completing a doctoral program and thinking of a university career or you are a graduate student with some teaching responsibilities?
  • You want to expand your understanding of pedagogical issues and get ready for your future teaching responsibilities or be able to respond in a more efficient way to the students you are working with?
  • Want to refresh your memory as to university teaching?...

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Excellence Award for TA

The TLSS recognizes the achievement of exceptional teaching assistants by offering three excellence awards annually in the form of a $500 prize. This type of recognition satisfies many objectives, including those of the annual Employee Giving Program, which philanthropic spirit also allows employees to contribute financially to the Excellence Award for Teaching Assistant Fund.

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Certificate in University Teaching

The Certificate in University Teaching for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows aims to help graduate students and postdoctoral fellows develop the professional skills required to hold a faculty position at the university level while offering training that enhances their practise, facilitates discussion and collaboration.

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Several outstanding uOttawa Teaching Assistants (TA) received a recognition from the Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) for their achievements, their contribution and their dedication to the students who are entrusted to them as Teaching Assistants; a role that is pivotal to the quality of learning and the student experience.

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  • 2014 Excellence Award Price Recipients List

    Kelsey Catherine Schmitz
    Faculty of Education

    (Photo: Professor Christine Suurtamm, Kelsey Catherine Schmitz and Associate Vice-President, Yves Herry)

    Christian Clavette
    Department of Chemistry
    Faculty of Science

    (Photo: Professor Isabelle Dion, Christian Clavette, Dean Steve Perry and Yves Herry)

    Mélanie G.M. Perras
    School of Human Kinetics
    Faculty of Health Sciences

    (Photo: Vice-Dean Academic Pierrette Guimond, Director and Associate Vice-Dean Diane Ste-Marie, Professor Michelle Fortier, Mélanie G.M. Perras and Yves Herry)

    Teaching Assistants who received an Honorable Mention

    Jerie Shaw Faculty of Arts Humanities
    Kevin Church Faculty of Sciences Online course
    Maddie Jolyane Waddell Faculty of Sciences Sciences

    The Award Ceremony took place on April 30, 2014 for the Recipients, their respective Professors and Deans.

  • 2013 Excellence Award Price Recipients Lists

    Travis John Saunders
    School of Human Kinetics
    Faculty of Health Sciences

    (Photo: Natalie Coulson, Teaching Laboratory Coordinator and Travis John Saunders)

    Annik Bilodeau
    Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Spanish
    Faculty of Arts

    (Photo: Professeur Luis Abanto and Annik Bilodeau)

    Online Course
    Rebecca J. Hogue
    Faculty of Education

    (Photo: Professor Colla Jean MacDonald and Rebecca J. Hogue)


    Although this project waas only in its first year, 42 submissions, all equally excellent, were received. This is the reason why the Selection Committee decided to give nine Honorable mention

    Teaching Assistants who received an Honorable Mention

    Angela Alberga Faculty of Health Sciences Sciences
    Patrick Dumond Faculty of Engineering Sciences
    Joel Lemay Faculty of Science Sciences
    Mélanie Perras Faculty of Health Sciences Sciences
    Sarah Wassmer Faculty of Medicine Humanities
    Lisa Weighton Faculty of Social Sciences Online Course
    Alexandre Baril Faculty of Social Sciences Humanities
    Alexandre Sawyer Faculty of Arts Humanities
    Stéphanie Talbot Faculty of Social Sciences Humanities

    An Award Ceremony took place on April 24, 2013 for those students, with their respective deans and professors.