TLSS - Teaching and Learning Support Service

2015-2020 Strategic Plan

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This strategic plan will make the TLSS a seamless service that responds and fulfills the needs of faculty, and extends our reputation beyond the borders of our institution.

To continue supporting faculty members in their use of engaging, comprehensive and innovative pedagogy, our Service continually assesses and reviews its structure to adapt to the needs of students. This support is directly linked to the goal concerning the student experience as outlined in the University of Ottawa's strategic plan, Destination 2020.

The TLSS has developed a new website and a “one-stop shop” where faculty members can easily find the services they need.

Our Service is presently reviewing its leadership structure and improving its operations and efficiency in every key area of responsibility. A future name change is also possible to reflect this new reality. The TLSS continues to support each of its team members to provide a motivating and challenging work environment and allows them access to professional development activities.

In addition to the usual channels and available tools, the TLSS is currently revising its communication strategies to take advantage of fast-moving, mobile communication tools that best fit the needs and expectations of professors and students.

We want to disseminate knowledge and expertise in technology-supported university teaching while continuing to cultivate the benefits of classic educational methods. Technology supported learning has evolved and moved toward the forefront in past few years due, in part, to the emergence of new teaching approaches such as flipped classrooms, hybrid learning, online courses and the use of interactive learning classrooms where students are placed at the center of their learning experience.

We want to ensure that technology remains at the service of education by training professors on the optimal use of available tools in a way that corresponds to the learning objectives highlighted in their courses.

By its actions, the TLSS has had a significant impact on the University of Ottawa which is recognized for its quality of teaching and learning.