TLSS - Teaching and Learning Support Service

2015-2020 Strategic Plan

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Strategic objectives adopted following consultations

The five goals that were identified allow us to uphold the quality of our current services and continue to respond to the needs of the faculty members and our mandate.

These goals have a direct impact on the University of Ottawa's strategic plan: Destination 2020.

1. Focus on our employees

  • Take into consideration each's expertise and strength;
  • Promote teamwork;
  • Place value on individual and team achievements;
  • Allow each team member to continue its professional development in his or her field of expertise and continue acquiring new skills;
  • Identify financial resources to create permanent employment from contract positions, of three years or more, that are crucial to the efficient functioning of the service.

2. Communicate with our partners

  • Inform the university community of the services and support we offer;
  • Change the perception of our service as working in silos (four sectors) and adapt our communication strategy to promote our services;
  • Refresh our website that acts as the cornerstone of our overall evolution and implement a global communications plan;
  • Develop new communication tools.

3. Evaluate and streamline the TLSS structure

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of each TLSS sector to create a single entry point to our services;
  • Assess the possibilities of moving our teams to one unique location to create new synergy and remove the current silo effect;
  • This strategy would strengthen our commitment toward creating one unique window for our services;
  • Identify the areas of convergence to take better advantage of available opportunities and move forward with the necessary changes to improve our service offer;
  • Reorganize the structure of the four sectors to encourage economies of scale;
  • Consolidate the organizational structure following the forthcoming retirement of certain employees;
  • Implement a succession plan for senior management and employees planning to retire.

4. Consolidate and expand our partnerships

  • Share our successes with other universities throughout the province, Canada and the rest of the world by promoting our knowledge and expertise;
  • Develop new strategies and services with the assistance of faculties and other institutions;
  • Encourage faculty members to develop collaborative relationships through their courses with other universities throughout Ontario;
  • Work in collaboration with faculties, programs, etc., on a number of large-scale projects.

5. Focus on the university community

  • Develop collaborative relationships with faculties, programs, professors, etc.;
  • Develop training activities and instructional resources;
  • Value teaching and the work of professors who exemplify open-mindedness and innovation through their teaching methods;
  • Offer quality training to educators to equip them to deliver training workshops in the future.