TLSS - Teaching and Learning Support Service

2015-2020 Strategic Plan

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Our Background

With our previous TLSS strategic plan having expired at the end of 2014, we began a comprehensive strategic planning exercise to develop a framework that would guide our efforts through the next five years.

The continuous evolution of pedagogy and technology used in postsecondary education, such as increased development of online courses, multiple initiatives in relation to blended learning, increased interest and criticism of massive online open courses (MOOC) and similar programs, offers us many opportunities to demonstrate our knowledge in each of our respective fields.

We must also involve our employees more and more throughout this process, as exemplified in the preparatory consultation that took place before the strategic orientation exercise, and continue to do so at every stage thereby allowing us to skillfully define areas of activity as well as performance indicators.

We have created a flexible plan that will evolve according to our needs, but that will also allow us to measure the impact of our ongoing efforts in reaching our strategic goals through the use of specific benchmarks.

To firmly anchor our actions, we have redefined our vision. It closely resembles our previous planning yet positions us as a key player in the University of Ottawa's ongoing efforts to improve teaching, learning, and the overall student experience.