TLSS - Teaching and Learning Support Service

2015-2020 Strategic Plan

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Our values are:

Quality Customer Service

Sharing its knowledge, the TLSS team wants to be accessible, attentive to your needs, and flexible to support faculty members in their pedagogical development.

Respect and Appreciation

The TLSS demonstrates respect and appreciation of its team and faculty members and places a great deal of value in their work in the community as well as openness to new ideas and directions.

Innovation and intellectual curiosity

The TLSS is leading the way in developing university teaching methods. Our team demonstrates intellectual curiosity and fosters a spirit of learning while staying apprised of current research to expand our knowledge and perfect our skills.

Valuing and fostering quality teaching

The TLSS imparts preferred pedagogical approaches. It advocates the quality of education to professors, both full-time and part-time, PhD students as well as teaching assistants, and promotes theses approaches through communication efforts to reach faculty and students.

Group and individual expertise

The TLSS has gathered a team of diverse individuals who possess a broad range of skills and experience to create an environment that inspires professional development and the use of leading edge technologies. Its expertise is based on an environment where interactions between professors, other institutions, and TLSS team members create a renewed and improved teaching experience. 

Quality Achievements

The TLSS team members and each of their actions are focused on every detail to ensure that their support and their accomplishments are of the utmost quality and respect planned deadlines.


To ensure that the University of Ottawa is positioned as a leader in the field of university teaching, the TLSS must work in partnership with other large-scale institutions and organizations. This collaboration will allow them to learn from other initiatives and build upon their expertise, as well as share their experiences and accomplishments.

With its vision, mission, and values, the TLSS team has implemented numerous successful projects that have also gained sizeable recognition (See following page).