TLSS - Teaching and Learning Support Service

2015-2020 Strategic Plan

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The TLSS offers 4 main areas of expertise

Pedagogical training for faculty and faculty members

A training and professional development program focused on university education that encompasses individualized consultation services for educational support in teaching, and for faculties who wish to assess and enrich or develop their study programs.  

Support for the pedagogical use of educational technologies

Ongoing support for professors who make use of a range of technologies that allow for classroom, online or hybrid teaching as well as video or audio conferences. Implementation of, and training on the use of educational technologies following trends in both education and learning. 

Classroom design and planning

Design and selection of classroom technology to provide faculty members with the highest quality teaching and learning spaces, thereby facilitating education and the implementation of new pedagogical concepts, such as active and collaborative classroom design. 

Assistance in designing interactive and engaging courses

Developers, graphic designers, and course design professionals combine their expertise to implement teaching approaches in order to assist faculty members in developing university courses, learning objects, and learning environments.

These four main areas of focus and the expert team members who make them a reality are the backbone of our strategic plan, to support University of Ottawa’s long term plan, Destination 2020.  Our goal is to establish the University as a place of excellence for both teaching and learning and to ensure that students benefit from an exceptional university experience.