TLSS - Teaching and Learning Support Service

Available publications

The Centre for Innovative Pedagogies and Digital Learning (CIPDL) is pleased to present its two new series of publications.

Online Evaluation of Courses

Pilot Project on The Impact of The Online Evaluation of Courses on Participation Rates And Evaluation Scores at The University of Ottawa (2014)

University Teaching

Short texts on effective teaching strategies for University Teaching.

  1. Using Wikis in University Teaching: The Basics
  2. Blogs: Tools for Teaching and Learning
  3. Clickers in Higher Education: A Tool to Increase Student Feedback and Participation 
  4. The Pros and Cons of PowerPoint
  5. Assigned Readings: Effective Strategies to Use With Students
  6. Seeing Ideas Differently: Using Visual Aids
  7. Integrating Critical Thinking in a Course
  8. Metacognition: Emphasizing an Awareness of One's Own Learning Processes
  9. Interactive Lectures: A Path to Learning
  10. Case Studies
  11. Questioning
  12. Teaching Small Groups: Harnessing Learning Potential

TA Tips

Reflective Guide to help TA's dealing with important topics related to University Teaching

  1. Professors and Teaching Assistants: Building a Good Relationship
  2. Best Practices for Contact with Students Outside of Class
  3. Evaluating Student Work
  4. Facilitating Group Discussions Effectively
  5. Ethical Issues for Teaching Assistants
  6. TAs in the Sciences: Best Practices for Labs
  7. Dealing with Challenging Situations in the Classroom
  8. Online Engagement: A Guide for Teaching Assistants
  9. Accessibility and Diversity of Learning: Roles and Strategies for TAs

Education Café

Short texts on various topics relevant to part-time teaching.

  1. Using my professional experience in my teaching
  2. Professional development and part-time teaching
  3. Simple strategies to help your students think critically
  4. Teaching via Audio and Video Conferencing Technology
  5. Designing a University Course: Key Strategies
  6. Strategies to Teach for Active Learning
  7. Introducing a Community Service Learning Experience in your Course
  8. Teaching and PowerPoint: Finding the Right Balance