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Towards a Better Understanding of our Students

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In the winter 2009 semester, the Centre for Innovative Pedagogies and Digital Learning (CIPDL) surveyed more than 700 students registered in their first year at the University of Ottawa. The goal of this survey was to learn a little more about the Internet Generation, its habits and its information and communications technologies (ICT) skills. A majority of students reported being very comfortable with ICTs. For many, learning these skills is unrelated to the University’s services. Despite their ease with ICTs, students are primarily ICT users; they contribute little to the exchange of ideas found on the Web (blogs, Wikis, etc.) and expect these tools to be used with moderation in the classroom.


Use of ITCS Q&A

More than 700 students participated in the paper based survey, presented in class with the collaboration of professors. The 111-question survey covered 5 categories: (1) demographic information, (2) access to Internet and technologies, 3) (their perceptions, expectations and perceived benefits of using technologies in teaching, (4) their habits and competencies in the use of technologies and (5) questions about their learning process.

This document is a quantitative report of the survey. It summarizes the number and percentage of respondents that selected each answer option for every question.