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This resource was created to provide you with a wide range of discussions regarding issues related to e-learning.


by Andre Séguin, Coordinator, Health Science, Centre for Innovative Pedagogies and Digital Learning (CIPDL), Teaching Learning Support Service, University of Ottawa

September 29, 2006 • 96 MB • Video (mp4) • French

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Description: Selecting and implementing the e-portfolio for Vision 2010. One of the elements of the Vision 2010 strategic plan is the introduction of an e-portfolio solution. The implementation project of the e-portfolio is recognized and supported as an initiative to support teaching and learning for academic success. The presentation will give participants a better comprehension of the elements and steps needed for identifying an e-portfolio solution for the University.

Anatomy Podcast

by Dr. Alireza Jalali University of Ottawa MD; Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine

September 29, 2006 • 82 MB • Video (mp4) • English

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Description: Use of podcasting as an educational resource for medical students. After a brief introduction to podcasting, I will discuss the medical students' use of podcasting as an innovative pedagogical supplement to their Human Anatomy course.

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