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Doctor of Ministry

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The Doctor of Ministry program combines theological reflection with social science research methods. It is designed with a unique emphasis on issues raised by the insertion of Christian communities in today’s religiously pluralistic and multicultural social context. It responds to the need for advanced studies among experienced professionals in ministry in diverse institutional contexts (e.g., chaplains, pastoral ministers, and pastoral care givers in military, correctional, educational, health care settings, etc.).

The program is offered primarily online in French and English. Students are required to take part in the intensive two-week sessions on campus twice a year and to complete at least one month of residency on campus during the writing of the thesis project.

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Instructional Challenge/Approach:

Students registered in the D.Min. programme could be located throughout the world so asynchronous communication, like discussion forums, was essential.

Each course website was to be built and maintained by the faculty teaching the course so autonomy and low maintenance were a top priority. With this in mind, things like course titles were not included in the banner image allowing for easy changes to the site by the professor. Standardized icons were chosen for the programme so that both faculty and students would recognize them and be able to navigate all of the course sites quickly and easily.

Screenshot of a page of content from the course.

Budget (low/medium/high):

  • Medium

Utilization of Multimedia (low/medium/high):

  • Low

Materials and Media Selected:

  • A website using standard HTML pages was produced to describe the unique nature of the D.Min. programme on Saint Paul University’s website.
  • Blackboard Vista was selected to house the course websites. This user-friendly learning management system was a good fit given the autonomous nature of the professors and the support in place at the University of Ottawa for both faculty and students.