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Anatomy and physiology

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This project involved the 2 anatomy and physiology courses offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences, which are required in the first year of many programs. It targets such themes as the cardio-vascular, respiratory and lymphatic systems; the endocrine system; energy production and growth; nutrition.

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Instructional Challenge/Approach:

Instructional Challenge: The sheer number of concepts to be learned in these courses is a challenge within itself. The lack of French resources for human anatomy and physiology further impacts the success of French-speaking students taking the course. The French edition of the textbook is 2 years behind the English edition and does not include the CD-ROM replete with activities developed by the publisher.

The professors agreed that one way they could try to bridge the gap between English and French resources was to produce parallel online study aids. With the participation of two Health Sciences' students, the Centre created a number of animations, demonstrations and interactive activities aimed at the most difficult concepts. Activities equivalent to the ones offered in English on the CD-ROM were also developed in French as well as original supplemental activities on problematic topics identified by the professors.

Approach: For this project, each objective was revised so that a specific activity could be linked to it. It combines elements of constructivism, behaviorism and andragogy.

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Budget (low/medium/high):

  • high

Utilization of Multimedia (low/medium/high):

  • high

Materials and Media Selected:

  • Identification activities
  • Classification activities
  • Association activities
  • Discovery activities
  • Crosswords
  • Animations
  • Formative testing