TLSS - Teaching and Learning Support Service

An online interactive tool to support learning of organic chemistry


Knowing how to name and design molecules is a basic component essential to understanding and studying chemistry. However, there is not a wide variety of resources to practice, improve and acquire good proficiency in nomenclature, especially in the French language.

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The tool is based on four learning objectives:

  • Name a structure according to established nomenclature rules
  • Draw a structure according to its systematic name based on these same rules
  • Identify the key parts of the compounds
  • Identify the connection between these molecules and their applications in the everyday world

In phase one, a prototype was developed as a proof of concept. The tool contains a directory of one hundred organic compounds and targets first and second year undergraduate students.

Choice / Challenge:

The quiz incorporates MarvinSketch (academic license) a product of ChemAxon to provide feedback on the user’s submission based on established nomenclature rules.


The tool is organised into four sections based on the learning objectives: Name, Draw, Identify, and Benzene derivatives. The quiz provides immediate feedback. Supplemental material includes a memory-aid for naming and drawing molecules and downloadable question/answer sheets.

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Budget (low/medium/high):

  • High

Utilization of Multimedia (low/medium/high):

  • High

Materials and Media Selected:

  • Self-assessment with formative feedback
  • Survey