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« Guide de soutien à la formation à distance (French version) »

- realized by the CNFS in partnership with the TLSS


The University of Ottawa belongs to a group called the “Consortium national de formation en santé” (CNFS) made up of other Francophone colleges and universities from across Canada. The mandate of this national consortium for health training in French is to provide Francophones with improved access to post-secondary education in French in health-related disciplines.

The “Guide de soutien à la formation à distance” is designed for professors who wish to improve their distance education teaching methods. In addition to laying out the process for making the switch from a traditional course to a hybrid teaching format, it supports the use of technologies, and presents several examples and tools to facilitate this transition. It also presents videoconferencing, where the role of the professor and the students are described as part of an interactive session.

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Choice / Challenge:

Challenge: The process of transforming a traditional course into a hybrid design may seem overwhelming. The section “PROgresser vers un mode d’enseignement hybride en intégrant les technologies” offers a starting point and templates used at the Centre for eLearning.

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The guide is available in PDF format from the CNFS website.


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