Interactive presentation (LectureTools)

LectureTools: A tool designed to help make classroom lectures more engaging!

LectureTools is one of the various teaching tools available via the Echo360's Active Learning Platform. Thanks to LectureTools, instructors can create interactive presentations, and students can interact with the material via their laptop, cellphone, smartphone or iPad.

For more information on this technology, please contact the CITE at 613-562-5900 or by e-mail. We also offer workshops on techno-pedagogical tools, so please do not hesitate to consult the training program.

Simple to use

With LectureTools, students can use their mobile devices to answer questions prepared by the professor and integrated into their PowerPoint presentation.

The questions, which can take different forms (multiple-choice, true/false questions, open-ended, items to put in order in a list, image-based, etc.), allow professor whether the exposed concepts were well understood or if make sure the cover them again before moving on with another subject matter. They can also be used to anonymously collect responses that are representative of a group of people illustrating a particular subject discussed during the session.

LectureTools allows any kind of educational use to engage students in the classroom. It is the creativity of the instructor in connection with the objectives and learning outcomes of the course that will make the difference.

This tool also enables shy and introverted students to ask questions during the course.

All-in-One Study Guide

In LectureTools, students have a central resource hub when exam time rolls around. They can flag important slides, take notes within instructors' presentations and organize their content all in one place. No more shuffling through piles of hastily scribbled notes!