Scholarly Work In Higher Education

As research informed practitioners we seek to collectively and individually promote the best practices in university teaching/learning, curriculum design and integration of technology. Ancillary to our core mission we also try to contribute to the growth of knowledge in the field by theorizing and reporting on our experiences and innovations.

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Teaching effectively for optimal learning

My professor speaks quickly and lectures us non-stop for an hour and a half. And on top of that, he expresses himself with complicated words! I have trouble following, and feel like being force-fed like a goose! So I end up keeping myself busy by doing other things: It’s either surfing the web or thinking of all the other stuff I have to do!” Sounds familiar?

Indeed, some students sometimes say that when they describe the teaching of their professor. Thus, a question arises: How can you guide your students to avoid cognitive overload and excessive stress, to keep their attention, and to support them in developing their full potential?

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Inclusive Teaching Practices

This section includes resources that support professors and other instructors in reflecting on their teaching and in learning more inclusive practices, and barriers to learning. In addition, users will have access to guides offering proactive strategies to help them provide learning experiences that take into account the diverse learning styles of their students or participants.  


Resource Centre

The TLSS offers at Morisset library a specialized collection of books, journals, monographs and articles, as well as Videos and DVDs about teaching and learning in higher education. The collection contains key resources in both official languages.

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