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University of Ottawa Chairs in University Teaching

chairs 2017 Web Page Header ENGAs part of the Destination 2020 strategic plan, the University of Ottawa's Chairs in University Teaching underscore the University's commitment to instructional excellence by:

  • Promoting innovative teaching and learning practices that will benefit the wider University community as grounded in a scholarly framework/model;

  • Recognizing the value of educational leadership and excellence in university teaching and learning; and

  • Supporting professors committed to the scholarly investigation of teaching and learning, translating to University wide transformation of instructional practices.


The Chairholder will receive a three-year non-renewable appointment and an annual fund of $20,000. To highlight the significance of this appointment, the Chairholder's Faculty will provide one assistantship (130 hours per year).

During the appointment, the Chairholder will join the Research Unit for the Advancement of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ASoTL) housed within the Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) and work collaboratively with fellow Chairs to play an active role in the promotion of teaching excellence and the enhancement of student learning in all sectors of the University community.

The Chairholder will lead a three-year research program, with implications for the broader University teaching and learning community, which will relate to:

  • Significant transformation of teaching and learning practices in their field; and

  • Scholarly development and research in the field of university teaching and learning.

The Chair in University Teaching will also serve as keynote speaker at TLSS and University of Ottawa events which may include: the New Professor Orientation Program, the annual Perspective Symposium, and TLSS lecture events. In addition to the submission of an annual progress report, the Chairholder will disseminate the results of their scholarly work (via conference presentations, articles, and the TLSS website) and give a public presentation in the final year of their program.


For additional information, please contact the TLSS at  or 613-562-5300.

You can also consult our FAQ

Is the Chairs related to the TLSS Teaching and Learning Grants Program?

No. While both initiatives encourage innovation in University teaching, they are separate programs. Chairholders are first and foremost ambassadors of instructional excellence and play and active role in promoting innovative teaching and learning practices across all sectors of the University community. Chairholders are expected to undertake projects that go beyond the course level and have a larger impact on their Faculty and University community.

As the term is three years in length, Chairholders are expected to contribute to the scholarly development of university teaching through the dissemination of their research, involvement in the Centre for University Teaching’s faculty development programming and/or the development of resources.

What is a Teaching Dossier and what should be in it?

A teaching dossier is a comprehensive document that outlines, among other things: your perspectives on both teaching and learning, your teaching approach and goals, evidence of reflective practice and the effects of your teaching, your accomplishments and your contributions to teaching and learning in your department, institution and/or discipline.

Commonly a teaching dossier will contain sections on:
  • Approach to teaching (such as a teaching philosophy and a description of the ways you teach);
  • Teaching responsibilities (such as courses taught and advisory responsibilities);
  • Evidence of teaching effectiveness (such as evaluations, feedback, student work, and awards);
  • Teaching contributions (such as innovations in the field, service, educational leadership and scholarship).
Contact the Centre for University Teaching for more information about the development of a teaching dossier or to set up a consultation with a member of the CUT who can help you throughout the development process.

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