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Blended course example

Our colleague, Professor James Brook-Smith, shares his blended course experience.

He explains the reasons why he opted for the blended format, and addresses the various aspects that should be considered when designing a blended course: The course and learning modules structures, the organization of online discussions and integration of online activities with face-to-face activities. Should you have any questions or comments, please send them our way! We will provide you with answers within 48 hours.

See how James Brook-Smith structured his blended course (3:34)

Professor : James Brooke-Smith 

Course : ENG2135: Science Fiction 

Description : In this class we use science fiction to think about mankind’s relationship with the media technologies that have helped to reshape society over the last two centuries: printed books, electric telegraphs, radios, televisions, cinemas, digital computers. Drawing on a wide range of media objects, this hybrid course – part in-class, part on-line – will introduce students both to the history of science fiction and key debates in media and communication theory. The course is intended as an experiment in new technologies of learning. It is an open invitation to students who are interested in using digital technologies to learn, teach, collaborate, and communicate in new and productive ways. 

Video transcription (pdf 251 kb)