Innovative Use of Educational Technology Excellence Awards

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The TLSS is pleased to announce the 2018 edition of the Excellence awards celebrating innovation in the use of technology for teaching and learning at the university level. These awards are an extension of a number of projects aligned with "Destination 2020" strategic plan, and more specifically with the Blended Learning Initiative.

This year, the awards aim to recognize the quality of blended courses designed by University of Ottawa professors and instructional staff.

Eligible applicants for these awards must:

  • be a professor or instructional staff member (regular or part time) at the University of Ottawa;
  • have designed a blended course in the learning management system (LMS) of the University of Ottawa;
  • have taught the blended course in the previous 12 months before the nomination deadline; 
  • submit, in a timely fashion, a complete nomination package.

Deadline for proposing a nomination package: June 15, 2018 before 4 p.m.
The completed nomination package must be sent to: