The TLSS can provide you a great deal of resources whether it be publications or interactive tools you can use to learn more about new teaching methods and to make your courses more dynamic.

Bilingual Courses

Do you want to know more about bilingual courses at the University of Ottawa? Take a look at our resource that explains their advantages, the minimum skills recommended taking that type of course and the skills you will develop. If you need to teach such a course, see what it will be important to include.

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The TLSS develops new guides and resources for professors, students and teaching assistants, which addresses various aspects of online courses. Check them out online or upload them on your computer!

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Syllabi Designing Tool

Simple Syllabus is an innovative tool that allows professors to design and manage syllabi. It uses a simple and user-friendly interface and brings together the best practices in course design currently available in university teaching! Find out more about Simple Syllabus!

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Pedagogical Resource Centre

Our service offers a specialized collection of books, journals, monographs and articles, as well as videos and DVDs about teaching and learning in higher education. Come check them out!

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