Online courses and distance education

Online Courses

For the most up-to-date information on online courses, please see the course enrolment website.

Whether you're a professor, a student or a teaching assistant, check out our guides and our resources for online courses.

You are a professor who would like to offer an course in an online format?

Please contact the list of courses (by Faculty) offered entirely online.

We also have plenty of resources available to professors enabling them to design an online course and that make you think about the different elements that we must first consider before starting the process. To find out more on this topic, check out our tools!

Distance Education at the University of Ottawa 

Distance education courses at the University of Ottawa are delivered in one of three ways, generally depending on the program. The delivery method depends on what is available at the sites. Not all sites are equipped in the same fashion, and not all courses are offered at every site.

Read the pdfDistance education guide to know more.