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Blackboard Learn is now a thing of the past, but your content is still available...

Now that BBL has been officially shut down, we would like to take a moment to remind you that the content you had on Blackboard is not lost. The Virtual Campus team has been keeping archives of your courses (only your course material not the student data) for a 24-month period once your course is over, and we are maintaining this service. 

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You will not lose any content during and after the change to the new Virtual Campus.

Indeed, as per our usual backup policy, Faculty members have access to their passed material in line with our archiving calendar.

Course Material

All Blackboard courses from Fall 2016 have already been archived and are available for migration via Maestro, the portal for faculty members. Winter 2017 courses will be archived in the next week or so. Note that Faculty will be able to continue to save, export and archive their content in Blackboard until May 31.

Warning! When we talk about content and course material, it is only information, documents, files, etc., that you have created yourself to design your course. Student data (class list, answer to assessments, portfolios, etc.) are never archived.

Course Creation in the New Virtual Campus

Due to the way courses and laboratories are created in uoCampus, Faculty will now have to use Maestro, the portal for faculty members to choose which courses are to be made available in the new Virtual Campus. This is a quick 3-step process that allows Faculty to select courses to be created, merged and optionally to request Blackboard content migration. The migration request will be available until April 2020 for courses that existed in Blackboard. Visit this page to know more on course creation and migration.

Note: Faculty will only see their courses once they have been assigned as the primary instructor to their courses by their respective Faculties/Departments in uoCampus. Our system is automated and pulls information from uoCampus several times a day. If your name is not assigned as the primary instructor to your course in uoCampus, it will not be visible in Maestro. Please contact your faculty to correct the situation. Fall courses will only be available as of June 1st.

Please see our frequently asked questions or feel free to contact us at: 
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