Online Tools for Blended Courses

Our online tools are there to help you at each step of designing a blended course. We are working to develop new online tools and are always open to your ideas. We are  also interested in your suggestions...

Please do not hesitate to make any suggestions for a online tool that would further help you design your blended course.

Writing Learning Outcomes

One of the most important steps in designing a course is formulating learning outcomes. This interactive tool was designed to help you carry out this step using the Bloom's Taxonomy.

Structuring a Blended Course

Establishing the structure of a blended course is an important step in the design process. To help you complete this step, we have developed an interactive tool that will help with dividing learning situations (in class or online) according to the university calendar.

Creating a Mid-term Course Evaluation Form

This tool allows you to quickly and easily create a mid-term course evaluation form by selecting statements from a pool and submitting them. You will receive a form that is ready to distribute to your students.