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Lecture Capture Tool

The TLSS's mandate is to provide professors with technology that can enhance their course, to further improve student experience. There are around 85 rooms equipped with the ability to record a course, allowing students to view it again, to review the parts they understood the least or simply view a session they couldn't attend. 

We are currently in a transition phase and are offering two different tools on campus. The Echo360 (or ALP) tool will be gradually replaced by OpenCast, to be completed by May 1st 2019. We have already installed OpenCast in a few rooms, a complete list of rooms can be found under the « Classrooms » tab below.

Capture types

How does it works? 

Professors, please follow these steps

Note: We do not provide students with an account for Opencast. The videos of the courses are available through the Virtual Campus (powered by Brightspace). If you can't see the videos, please try using Chrome or Firefox.



If you require assistance with your Lecture Capture account and/or course videos, you can contact us at: .