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May 2019 Release Notes (20.19.5)

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Each month, Brightspace publishes release notes with the upcoming changes to the LMS. I present here the changes that will impact our community. The full release notes are available on the Brightspace Community

Release notes numbering change

The product number of Brightspace Learning Environment has changed. The product number, which would have been 10.9.0 under the previous versioning convention, is now 20.19.4. The base number, 20.19, represents the year and .4 represents the month, which will increment with each monthly release.

Upcoming changes

Hold on to your hats, there's a lot of upcoming changes next month! 

Assignments – Annotate in full screen | Updated

When annotating submissions in Assignments, instructors can now toggle to a full screen view. This allows for more screen space to display learner submissions and insert annotations, while removing unnecessary navigation menus.

Assignments – Opt-out of Annotations | Updated

If Annotations are enabled for a specific course, instructors can now determine if they want to use the annotation tools when assessing submissions for a specific assignment. Previously, if you had Annotations enabled in a course, all assignments displayed the annotation tools with no option to disable them. The new option allows instructors to easily opt-out of using the annotation tools, without the need to request a configuration change from their administrators.

Assignments - Manage Delivery permission | New

To support a Facilitator role, the Manage Delivery permission has been added to Assignments. The Manage Delivery permission gives users who also have the See and Manage Assignment Submission Folders permission the ability to access the Add/Edit Assignment page and edit the Start Date, End Date, Due Date, Visibility status, and Notification Email of assignments.

Discussions - Save feedback in draft state | Updated

This feature provides instructors the option to save feedback on assessments in draft state prior to publishing it to learners. Now when instructors add feedback to assessments, the Save Draft and Publish buttons display.

Grades - Transfer rubric score to grade item score | Updated

This feature sets the default value of the d2l.Tools.System.Features.GradingExperience configuration variable to Automatic transfer of rubric score to Grade Item. As a result, rubric scores are transferred to the grade item score by default. All organization overrides are removed and this configuration variable is inaccessible to organization administrators.

Learning Outcomes - Map achievement levels to percentage ranges | New

When creating a scale in Learning Outcomes, administrators can now map achievement levels for learning outcomes to percentage ranges. This ensures that your organization uses a consistent mapping for assessing learning outcomes when they are associated with rubric criteria in an activity (discussion or assignment).

Quick Eval – Find and prioritize unevaluated learner submissions in one location | New

Quick Eval is a new tool that allows evaluators (instructors, teaching assistants, etc.) to see a list of unevaluated learner submissions from all their courses. Submissions from Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions are displayed in one location to improve efficiency when locating work that requires evaluation and providing feedback to learners.

Quizzes - Full-screen quiz evaluation | Updated

Now instructors can evaluate quiz attempts in full-screen mode. This update enhances an instructor's quiz evaluation experience.

Rubrics - Assess learning outcomes in rubric criteria | Updated

Instructors can now assess learners on learning outcomes aligned to rubric criteria in an activity (discussion or assignment). If an administrator mapped achievement levels to percentage ranges when creating the learning outcomes scale, suggested levels of achievement display below the rubric when instructors perform their assessment. This provides instructors with an idea of suitable assessments for learning outcomes based on the rubric (which must be point-based). If the rubric is not point-based or the mapping does not exist, instructors can assess the learning outcomes directly, but suggested levels of achievement do not display. After instructors publish assessments, learners can view their assessment wherever they can see assessed rubrics. This allows learners to understand their progress against learning outcomes and rubric criteria and locate areas for improvement.

Rubrics - Rubrics Grading Experience available for group Assignments and Discussions | New

The Rubrics Grading Experience available for assignments and discussions is now available for group Assignments and group Discussions. When a rubric assessment is in draft state, the assessment is not viewable by members of a given group. Once the assessment is published, all group members can view the rubric assessment. Previously, the new Rubrics Grading Experience was only available for regular Assignments and Discussions.

User Progress – Consistent tracking of Content progress across the Brightspace platform | Updated

Previously, different tools and features within Brightspace Learning Environment used different logic for determining user progress through Content topics. Now, the logic has been consolidated so that it is calculated in the same way across the platform.

What is in this update and not enabled at uOttawa?

Items about the new content experience. This experience has not been enabled yet at uOttawa.

Items about the new Insights Portal. Insights has not been release because it's not yet completely offered in both languages.

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