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May 2018 Release Notes (10.8.1)

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Each month, Brightspace publishes release notes with the upcoming changes to the LMS. I present here the changes that will impact our community. The full release notes are available on the Brightspace Community

Upcoming changes

Brightspace Daylight Experience – Banner images can be used at all org unit levels | New

The ability to add a banner image to the Organization or a custom org unit, such as a department, is now available.
This feature implements PIE item D3781.

Brightspace Daylight Experience - Configuration options for minibar color moved to Navigation and Themes tool | Updated

The minibar settings tool has been deprecated and removed from Brightspace Daylight Experience. The option to change the top strip color of a minibar that previously existed in the Minibar Settings tool is now available in the Navigation and Themes tool. A unique color may be set for each theme or the theme can inherit the default navbar color for the organization. Note that the current navbar color previously set in Minibar Settings is automatically applied as the Default Navbar Color with this change.

Grades - Locked Name column and header row | New

This Daylight-only feature introduces the locked Name column and header row in the following pages within Grades, so that instructors can scroll through user grades without losing the context for which and whose grades they are looking at:

  • Standard View
  • Spreadsheet View
  • Grade Category
  • Grade Individual Item
  • Final Grades

The existing solution that repeats the Name column and header row every x columns / rows is only available on legacy web browsers (Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge). The new locked Name column / header row is present on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers and is not present on Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge web browsers. The locked Name column /header row will not be active when using a small screen space such as a mobile device.

This feature implements PIE item D622.

Manage Dates - Improvements to the Manage Dates tool | Updated

This feature includes the following improvements to the Manage Dates tool:

Offset other activity dates – In addition to offsetting start, end, and due dates, instructors have the option to offset other dates associated with activities. Affected dates are:

  • Discussion topic and forum locking dates, quiz submission view dates, quiz report dates, and survey report dates.
  • Manual calendar events - Instructors can edit the start and end dates of events that were manually created and not tied to existing activities or content topics. As a result, instructors can manage all course dates from a single location.
  • Improved sorting of items to follow tool sort order - Manage Dates display activities in the order in which an instructor would see them in their respective tools.
  • Display of course start and end date - The course start date and end date appears at the top of the Manage Dates page and acts as a reference for instructors when operating on the dates of the various activities. If instructors have the Manage Courses > Change Start and End Dates permission, they can launch a dialog box and then edit the dates.
  • The Tool column on the Manage Dates page has been removed - You can use the Type column to sort the Manage Dates page based on the tool-specific order.
  • New links to the Manage Dates page - The new Review and Manage Dates button appears at the end of copy course components, course import, and course import advanced.

This feature implements PIE item D227.

What is in this update and not enabled at uOttawa?

Lesson Experience improvements.

Use of electronic devices in the classroom: Impact...


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