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July 2018 Release Notes (10.8.3)

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Each month, Brightspace publishes release notes with the upcoming changes to the LMS. I present here the changes that will impact our community. The full release notes are available on the Brightspace Community

Upcoming changes

Assignments - New Text Submission type and workflow | New

Instructors can now create Text Submission assignment types in Brightspace Learning Environment. The new Text Submission type allows learners to create text documents for submission directly in Assignments using a rich text editor, eliminating the need to attach a file. Previously, learners had to create documents outside of Brightspace Learning Environment, then add them as attachments to their submissions within Assignments. This feature enables learners to work directly within Brightspace Learning Environment, allowing for a simpler workflow and standard file type submissions.

This feature implements PIE item D135.

Brightspace Daylight Experience - Course grouping tabs in the My Courses widget | New

Courses that appear in the My Courses widget can now be grouped by Department, Semester Name or Role when the Update Sort Logic view is enabled. Administrators can customize the course groupings directly in the widget via the Customize this widget option. Once a course grouping option is selected, the courses are separated into tabs within the widget for easy viewing and selection.

Brightspace Daylight Experience - Improved widget style for homepages | Updated

System and custom widgets now display more prominently against homepage backgrounds. The new widget container style appears by default for both system and custom widgets. Administrators may temporarily opt out of this stylistic change until October 2018. Administrators and instructors with permission to create and edit custom widgets may continue to opt out of the new container style using the Style this widget option for custom widgets only. D2L maintains control of the system widget style.

Export/Bulk Course Export - Rubric associations preserved in course packages | New

When exporting a course from Brightspace Learning Environment, any rubrics associated with course assessments (assignments, quizzes, discussions) are now preserved in the resulting course package. This allows course designers, instructors, or administrators to import the course package without manually recreating the rubric associations in the course.

Copy Course Bulk - Date offset | New

Previously, when copying course offerings in bulk, old course dates were copied to the new course offerings. Now, administrators can offset previous course dates to dates relative to the new semester in the destination courses via the new columns in the CSV file. During the bulk course copying process, administrators can enter a positive or negative integer in the Day Offset column, and a positive or negative decimal in the Hour Offset column to set the new dates. These columns are optional and may be left blank if date offset is not required.

Quizzes – Removal of image and text information items | New

As images and text can be included in any type of question using the features of the HTML editor, there is no longer a need for image and text information items. Image and text information items in existing quizzes or question libraries convert into sections, and are still displayed to learners attempting the quiz. One section is created for each existing image or text information item. Once the conversion of existing image and text information items is complete, the ability to create new image and text information items is no longer available.

During the question conversion process the following actions occur:

Each image and text information item is converted to an individual section

If the information item included a title, that is used for the section title

If the information item did not include a title, one is automatically generated using the format: Untitled [converted from a Text Information Item], or Untitled [converted from an Image Information Item]

The setting to show the Section title to learners is set to off

The setting to show Section text to students is set to on

For text information items, the Question Text field is set as the Section Text field

For image information items, the Section Text consist of an image tag, followed by the Caption text. If there was a Description for the image, it is included as the alt text of the image.

What is in this update and not enabled at uOttawa?

Improvements to the lesson experience.

Use of electronic devices in the classroom: Impact...


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