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December 2017 Release Notes (10.7.8)

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Each month, Brightspace publishes release notes with the upcoming changes to the LMS. I present here the changes that will impact our community. The full release notes are available on the Brightspace Community

Upcoming changes

Assignments – OneDrive attachments | New

This feature enables instructors to attach an item directly from OneDrive to an Assignment submission folder. Previously, this function was only available with Google Drive. Now, OneDrive attachments are available.

Brightspace Learning Environment - Supported browsers | Updated

The following updates have been made to the browsers supported by D2L:

  • D2L no longer supports BlackBerry and Microsoft Surface mobile browser
  • D2L supports the current major version of iOS and the previous major version of iOS, and the latest version of Google Chrome on Android KitKat (4.4) and abov
  • D2L supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox desktop browsers

Daylight Experience – Improvements to the My Courses widget | Updated

There are two improvements that have been added to the My Courses widget:

  • There is a new widget setting that provides the ability to show or hide the semester on the course tile
  • Courses can now be filtered by Role in View All Courses. A Role Alias must exist for the role to appear in the filter. A user only sees the role filter if they have more than one Role Alias.

Exemptions - Search and User Progress - Improvements | Update

This feature includes the following improvements to User Progress and to the Manage Exemptions page that is launched from the Content tool.

Improvements in the User Progress page:

  • Details pages of Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions, Surveys, and Checklists now display if an activity is exempt by showing the (exempted) label beside the name of the activity
  • The Summary pages for Assignments, Surveys, Quizzes, and Checklists hide exempted activities
  •  A set of statistics appear at the top of each respective tool's Summary page section, and the same statistics appear at the top of each tool's Details page. The statistics exclude exempted activities.

Improvements in the Manage Exemptions page:

  • This page now supports search to help instructors find a learner who can then be exempted.
  • The list of users in the Manage Exemptions page now only includes users with the Can be graded in Grades role setting.
  • The Manage Exemptions page now displays a loading spinner while data is retrieved
Note: When activities are exempted, any associated release conditions on these exempted activities must still be met.

Intelligent Agents - Improvements | Updated

This feature includes the addition of new action types in the Intelligent Agents tool. You can now apply an enrollment or unenrollment action to a user once the user meets a condition or a set of conditions.

The following improvements have been made to the existing Edit Agent page and the New Agent work flow:

  • The Description field is minimized by default.
  • Numbers have been added to the sections to help with work flow.
  • The New Agent work flow has been changed to initially call out role criteria, then actions, and lastly scheduling. All agents do not need to have a schedule. An intelligent agent can be run as a one-time query or on-demand.
  • Under Actions, UI changes have been made to the Send Email action to make better use of the space on the Edit Agent page.
  • Under Actions, the new Change User Enrollments option allows instructors to enroll a user into a course or unenroll a user from the current course.

This feature implements PIE item D1904.

What is in this update and not enabled at uOttawa?

New Lesson experience.

Use of electronic devices in the classroom: Impact...


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