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April 2019 Release Notes (20.19.4)

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Each month, Brightspace publishes release notes with the upcoming changes to the LMS. I present here the changes that will impact our community. The full release notes are available on the Brightspace Community

Release notes numbering change

The product number of Brightspace Learning Environment has changed. The product number, which would have been 10.9.0 under the previous versioning convention, is now 20.19.4. The base number, 20.19, represents the year and .4 represents the month, which will increment with each monthly release.

Upcoming changes

Assignments – Annotation improvements | Updated

Annotations in Assignments now include the following features:

  • You can delete annotations by selecting an annotation and pressing the Delete key on your keyboard.
  • New and updated feedback generates email and SMS instant notifications.
  • Instructors can use annotations when evaluating Text Based Assignments.

Discussions - Align learning outcomes to discussion topics | New

Instructors can now align learning outcomes to discussion topics, enabling them to map discussion topic activities to a learner's demonstration of learning outcomes in a discussion. By viewing the learning outcomes that align to discussion topics, learners can understand what they need to demonstrate in discussion topic activities.

Discussions - Assess discussion threads against learning outcomes | New

Instructors can now assess discussion threads against learning outcomes aligned to a discussion topic. This allows instructors to easily assess learner progress against learning outcomes in Discussions. Learners can view the results of the instructor's assessment, making it easier for them to understand their progress against a learning outcome, and locate areas for improvement.

Email - Custom header changes for forwarded email messages | New

To align with the DMARC mail standard, emails forwarded from D2L servers now appear to originate from the sender’s D2L domain account instead of the original sender account. Currently, forwarded emails from the original sender email address (external servers such as {user}, but sent over D2L servers, are often rejected due to an organization's Sender Policy Framework (SPF). With this change, D2L adjusted the mail headers used by the Brightspace platform when forwarding emails from a user account to the specified external address.

QuickLinks - Create Quicklink to Rubrics | New

Users with the See Rubrics permission enabled can now create Quicklinks directly to Rubrics with the Rubric is visible to Students setting enabled. In addition, users with the Manage Rubrics permission enabled can also access Manage Rubrics at the bottom of the Quicklinks menu. The See Rubrics permission is not required for students to access quicklinked Rubrics that are visible to students and associated to a tool for evaluation.

This feature implements PIE items D202 and D384.

Rubrics - Align learning outcomes to rubric criteria | New

Instructors can now align learning outcomes to rubric criteria, enabling them to demonstrate how assessment criteria maps to a learner's demonstration of learning outcomes in an activity (quiz or assignment). For learners, this makes it easier to understand their progress against a learning outcome, and locate areas for improvement.

What is in this update and not enabled at uOttawa?

Items about the new content experience. This experience has not been enabled yet at uOttawa.

Items about the new Insights Portal. Insights has not been release because it's not yet completely offered in both languages.

Use of electronic devices in the classroom: Impact...

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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