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Fall 2019 - Funding Program (New Deadline - October 30)

As part of the Blended Learning Initiative (BLI), the Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) is pleased to announce a new round of funding for the design of blended courses.

Important – A blended course is designed such that some in-class time is substituted by equally meaningful online activities. This means that the in-class and online portions of a course are complementary and have been thoughtfully combined to meet the needs of the learner and the goals of the course. The online components are not an addition to a full course load but a purposeful substitution of some in-class activities.

Professors wishingto transform one or more "new*" courses into a blended format have until October 30, 2019 to submit a completed application form.

*This new round of funding is dedicated to the transformation of courses offered for the first time in a blended format.

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Blended Learning at the University of Ottawa

In April 2013, the Board of Governors approved an initiative for the implementation of large scale blended courses at the University. Why? Because blended courses combine the best of online and face-to-face teaching to enrich the student learning experience, while providing many benefits for both students and professors.

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The benefits of blended courses

What are the benefits of blended courses? Is the transformation of my course into that format will only be beneficial to my students? here is a list of benefits for you and your students...

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Designing a Blended Course

An Integrated Four-Part Program

You want to adapt your teaching to better meet the needs and interests of your students? You know that the use of technology can help you do that, but you are looking for advice to make this transition?  If so, then our Program will fit your needs!

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Online Tools for Blended Courses

Our online tools are there to help you at each step of designing a blended course. We are working to develop new online tools and are always open to your ideas. We are  also interested in your suggestions...

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