The benefits of blended courses

Benefits for Professors

  • Positive experience and attitude of their students towards technology-mediated teaching and learning;
  • Affinity with different styles of learning;
  • Improvement of learning outcomes and increase of the quality of interaction between students and professors;
  • Schedule flexibility and more time to reflect in online discussions;
  • More dynamic and interactive learning environment which results in a higher level of engagement;
  • Highlight on the importance of instructional design for optimal learning outcomes;
  • Redesign of teaching and learning approaches in ways that realize increased efficiency and convenience;
  • Better ways to address the multiple needs of learners and learning styles;
  • Strong pedagogical foundation for engaged and sustained learning.


Benefits for Students

  • Collaborative learning: possibility to discuss online and face-to-face with classmates, TAs and Professors;
  • Environments more stimulating and dynamic;
  • Flexible access to course material (time and place);
  • Learn at their own pace;
  • Help to overcome the sense of isolation many students feel when doing fully online courses;
  • Reduction of costs for students by decreasing travel expenses, etc.;
  • Better results: statistics demonstrate that students score higher in blended courses than they do in lecture-based courses, and in fully online courses.