Certificate in University Teaching

Are you intending to apply for a teaching position? If so, reflecting on your teaching, improving your skills and developing your practice may provide you with an advantage.

Participate in the Certificate in University Teaching Today!


The Certificate in University Teaching for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows aims to:

  • Help develop the professional skills required to hold a faculty position at the university level;
  • Offer training that enhances instructional practice;
  • Facilitate discussion and collaboration; and
  • Implement the use of various learning methods, including information and communication technologies.

The training program includes:

  • A course in university teaching (ESG5300 - Theory and Practice of Undergraduate Teaching);
  • A course in university teaching and technology (ESG6100 - Technology and University Teaching);
  • A practicum in university teaching (ESG8300 – Practicum in University Teaching).

Admission Requirement

In order to register for this training program, students must be registered in a graduate program or as a postdoctoral fellow.

Number of Registrations per Course

There is a registration limit of 30 people per course.


All current uOttawa graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are invited to register for the following program:

Program structure

ESG5300 *
Theory and Practice of Undergraduate Teaching
(blended course)
(prerequisite for ESG 8300)

ESG6100 *
Technology and University Teaching (blended course)

ESG8300 *
Practicum in University Teaching
(participants will teach sessions of a class)
(prerequisite: ESG 5300)

Course Recognition

The successful completion of ESG5300 and ESG8300 prior to registering for this training program will be recognized within the certificate.

This program will equip graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with the skills to:

  • Design a course and develop related learning activities;
  • Use a range of teaching and learning methods;
  • Guide individual students or student groups in their learning;
  • Evaluate learning processes;
  • Evaluate their teaching methods;
  • Analyse their professional environment and develop appropriate professional and personal strategies;
  • Begin to reflect on both their teaching methods and their professional development.


This training is free for full-time University of Ottawa graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.


The Centre for Innovative Pedagogies and Digital Learning (CIPDL), part of the Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS), is responsible for this training program.

More Information

Please call 613-562-5300 or email .

* Please note that these courses are included in the official transcript but do not count towards credit. This certificate is not part of the programs approved by the University of Ottawa Senate.