Roop Kesarwani Lecture

Each year, through the The Roop Kesarwani Lecture Endowment Fund, the Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) organizes the Kesarwani lecture, which promote excellence in university teaching.

Thanks to Mr Kesarwani's wife and her sons, we can invite renown speakers who are specialists in various fields of university teaching. You can see the archives of these lectures and in some cases review the video of the event in the sub-menu in the right column menu.

The TLSS is very proud and happy to organize this event which allows the academic community to meet on a theme that allows them to reflect on their teaching and how to transform it for the students of tomorrow.

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Who is Roop Kesarwani


Dr. Roop Kesarwani photo

Roop Kesarwani

1932–2003, Ph.D. in Mathematics - Lucknow University (India) | ‘64-‘94 Professor of Mathematics at the University of Ottawa

Professor Roop Kesarwani obtained a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Lucknow University in 1957. Following brief stays at Washington University in St. Louis and Wayne State University in Detroit, he arrived in Ottawa in September 1964 as an associate professor. By then, he had already established himself in research having authored 17 articles in mathematics. He was promoted to full professor in 1970. In his career, he published 41 articles in a variety of Mathematics and Physics journals. His main interests dealt with the application of special functions to specific problems in theoretical physics. He combined the use of special functions and numerical approximations to determine highly precise energy Eigen values of the Schrodinger differential equation. He retired in 1994.

In addition to his research, Dr. Kesarwani was equally devoted to teaching, frequently achieving very high ratings. He often taught large classes of approximately 300 students in linear algebra and more than 200 in applied mathematics, such as differential equations and numerical methods. In his career, he taught a variety of no less than 20 different types of courses including calculus of variations and integral equations at higher levels. He was not afraid to tackle new challenges, for example giving life to a new course in mathematical modeling. He was a colleague you could rely on.

Dr. Kesarwani knew that effective teaching was the result of a great deal of effort and he never stinted in that effort. His classes were always prepared in detail and he provided a great deal of additional material both for the students and for the markers. Outside the classroom, he was always available to answer student questions and students were at ease coming to him for help. As Dr. Kesarwani said: ‘I very happily helped them’, which is why so many students remember him fondly.

The Roop Kesarwani Lecture Endowment Fund

Upon his retirement, his wife and children established The Roop Kesarwani Lecture Endowment Fund. The purpose of the fund is to promote excellence in university teaching. This is achieved through the annual Kesarwani Lecture organized by the Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS).