2015 Kesarwani Lecture

The Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) hosted the 2015 Kesarwani Lecture that took place on May 21.

Here was the description of the lecture

Creating Safe Natural Critical Learning Environments to Promote Intellectual and Personal Development in Students

A lecture presented by the internationally renowned Professor Jeanette Norden Ph.D.

Regardless of our subject or the level of students we teach, we need to create a safe environment in which both intellectual and personal development can be fostered. Dr. Norden’s talk will focus on how she promotes this development in both lecture and discussion classes by applying basic principles which incorporate an understanding of how learners construct knowledge and develop critical reasoning skills and introspection. 

She will use numerous examples from her own teaching of Neuroscience to stimulate an on-going discussion of how intellectual and personal development might be stimulated in any discipline.



Dr. Jeanette Norden

Dr. Jeanette Norden is a Professor Emerita from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. She conducted research on nerve regeneration for over 20 years before she devoted her time exclusively to medical, graduate, and undergraduate education. Her emphasis on personal and interpersonal development changed the face of medical education.

Her innovative approach was recognized at Vanderbilt, nationally and internationally. She won every award given by medical students, several times, among many other prestigious awards for her entire career. 

Dr. Norden participates in numerous outreach programs to help inform the public about the brain and common neurological disorders and other topics related to the Neurosciences.