2012 Kesarwani Lecture

Teaching for Better Learning in Research Universities

Christopher Knapper Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Queen's University
McKeachie Career Achievement Award from the AERA – 2004
3M National Teaching Fellow from STLHE – 2002
December 2012

There is a growing body of empirical research on university teaching and learning, and a rising consensus about how teaching methods and instructional climate affect student learning approaches. This presentation will describe the highlights of this research and examine its implications for the way we undertake teaching and curriculum planning in research universities.

How much of our teaching practice is based on the evidence from current research?  What is effective learning in university; how can it be enhanced, and what evidence do we have for the effectiveness of our programs and teaching methods?  How can we encourage a culture of teaching scholarship that might inform good practices for the future?  What strategies can universities use to encourage greater attention to teaching and learning?  The presentation will draw on examples of good (and bad) teaching practices from universities in Canada, the USA, Europe, and Australia.