2011 Kesarwani Lecture

Theme of the December 2011 Lecture

Professors make a real difference!

  • Professor William Ogilvie - Faculty of Science | Molecular Chemistry | University of Ottawa
  • Professor Christine Suurtamm - Faculty of Education | Mathematics Education | University of Ottawa
  • Professor Alireza Jalali - Faculty of Medicine | Anatomy | University of Ottawa

Each year, the Teaching and Learning Support service is pleased to welcome a renowned professor as part of its much anticipated Kesarwani Lecture, which aims to promote excellence in university teaching and improve the learning environment.

This year, the Kesarwani Lecture unveils a new format. Indeed, as part of our campaign to promote the importance of teaching, "Teaching Matters!", we are honored to welcome three of our professors-ambassadors: Christine Suurtamm (Mathematics Education), Alireza Jalali (Anatomy) and William Ogilvie (Molecular Chemistry), in the first of a three-part series, each of them featuring three of the nine professors of the campaign. During this discussion panel, these seasoned professors will share their ideas on teaching and its importance. They will explain the pedagogical methods that have earned them an Excellence in Education Awards, and discuss their vision for the profession.