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Getting started in the Virtual Campus

For Professors

Bannière du Campus Virtuel

Professors now have access to the new Virtual Campus, the learning management system (LMS) that replaces Blackboard Learn as of the spring/summer 2017 term. Here is a quick reference for those using the tool for the first time.

1. Use Maestro to create, migrate or merge existing courses to Virtual Campus

Maestro, the new portal for Professors, was created to ensure that courses entered into uoCampus by the academic units are properly migrated to Virtual Campus. Once logged in, you will see your list of courses, labs, and DGDs that appear in uoCampus. At this point you can:

  1. Confirm course creation in Virtual Campus: identify which courses are ready to be created as-is.

  2. Merge sections or labs, which are currently displayed as multiple courses, with their respective parent course prior to having it created in the system. Please note that this merge is a one-time operation that must be performed before requesting course creation. We are unable to merge courses once they are created. If you are unable to view your courses it is likely that your faculty has not yet entered the information in uoCampus.We start receiving courses from uoCampus on March 1st for the summer semester, and on June 1st for the Fall and Winter semesters.

  3. Migrate old Blackboard Learn courses: During the course creation process you will also have the option to request the migration of BBL content to the new Virtual Campus.  Courses will be migrated within 3 business days from the request submission date but fall 2017 and winter 2018 courses will not be migrated before June 1. You are still required to request the creation of your fall and winter courses in the new Virtual Campus. 

2. Login to Virtual Campus

Logging into Virtual Campus will allow you to:

  1. Verify course creation from Maestro (72-hour delay).

  2. Create new courses from scratch.

  3. Get familiar with the new tool: explore around, or take a demo course that has been created specifically for you! This course (located within the Virtual Campus tool) will be available throughout your career at the University of Ottawa. This will not only help you get familiar with the new platform, but could also allow you to start the development of your course (if your course is not showing in your list yet). Once your official course shows in your list, you can transfer this content to your course. 

3. Training

Both online and in-person training is available for the new Virtual Campus

In-Person training

Training on Virtual Campus training is now available!

Training will focus on the basic functions of the platform (navigation, content management and an overview of available tools) and from May onwards a series of more targeted training workshops will be offered to provide a deeper understanding of basic functions (communication tools, assessment tools, etc.).

To further explore or work with a particular tool, you can also visit our computer lab which will be open from 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. from Monday to Friday during the months of March and April (Vanier Hall, room 1020).

Online Resources

Registration for the online resources on the new Virtual Campus, which consists of various videos explaining most of the functions of the new platform for InstructorsSimply complete the form below and indicate your language of preference.

Your uoAccess ID is only 8 characters long, and is normally your short email prefix. For example, if your short email is , your uoAccess ID is ABCDFGH1.
Your uoAccess ID is only 8 characters long, and is normally your short email prefix. For example, in , your uoAccess ID is ABCDF001.
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