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Connection to the LMS

Blackboard Learn will be shutdown in...

Former learning management system (Blackboard Learn until 31 May 2017)

Welcome to the login page of the System Learning Management (LMS) of the University of Ottawa. Courses of the 2016 winter session are hosted on Blackboard Learn. So if you want to connect to your course which ends in April 2017 you can click on the button below:


New Learning Management System (BrightSpace)

From the spring/summer 2017 term, the courses will be offered on a new platform: BrightSpace by D2L. It will therefore become the new Learning Management System (LMS). 

If you are a professor, you can already connect to the platform (each professor has an account in the new application). You can discover how to navigate and use features (which are similar to Blackboard LearnTMTMTMTM) in a demo course you will keep throughout your career at the University of Ottawa. You will access it using your uoAccess ID which is your passport to many websites, applications and systems at the University of Ottawa. Your uoAccess ID is the short name before your e-mail address (ex: jsmit000).

You need training on the new LMS? Please check on this page if there is any training that fit your schedule...

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