TLSS - Teaching and Learning Support Service

About the TLSS

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Our Role and Mandate

The Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) mandate is to nurture and promote innovation and excellence in teaching and learning at all levels of the University. The role of the TLSS falls into three broad categories:

  1. Establishing and maintaining the best possible teaching and learning environment on campus;
  2. Promoting innovative approaches to teaching which take the learner and the faculty's needs into consideration and then providing support to those who implement them;
  3.  To lead and assist the university community with the integration of new learning technologies into its various programs and courses.

Our Vision

The TLSS vision has evolved. A specific emphasis is now directed towards the quality of learning and student engagement. In order to do so, the TLSS will partner with its collaborators, providing them: consultation, facilitation, training, production and support.


Employee Directory

Alain ErdmerDirector6484CITE
Alexandre BélangerSenior IT Specialist (en affectation temporaire à Telfer)3452Cabinet
Aline Germain-RutherfordAssociate Vice-President5300Cabinet
Angela FlemingTechnician Clerk - Pembroke613-735-5181CITE
Anne PatryInstructional Designer3565Cyber
Benoit BoivinSupervisor – Multimedia Technical Support3650CITE
Caroline MarcouxWeb Designer3561Cyber
Constance GervaisTechnician Clerk - Carnwall613-938-6989CITE
Daniel TessierTeaching and Learning Systems Specialist6878CITE
David MacdonaldEducational Developer - Blended7498CUT
Denis BouchardChief Administrative Officer3543Cabinet
Denis BoudreauTechnician6878CITE
Derek GrattonTeaching and Learning Systems Specialist6522CITE
Desiré Elese LokoyCoordinator – Systems and Technology3560CITE
Dominic BlouinMultimedia Systems Specialist5900CITE
Elizabeth Campbell BrownInstructional Designer3564Cyber
Emmanuel CadetCoordinator Centre for e-Learning4538Cyber
Eric ClementMultimedia Systems Specialist4616CITE
Erwan PeresMultimedia Programmer4946Cyber
Francine LamadeleineAdministrative Officer3550CITE
Francine LevacTechnical Support - Hawkesbury613-678-8950CITE
Geneviève GauthierEducational Developer8869CUT
Gisèle RichardE-Learning Design and Marketing Support Officer3563Cyber
Jason GriffithsMultimedia Systems Specialist5900CITE
Jean-Pascal BeaudoinEducational Developer2428CUT
Jean Sébastien ÉmondSystem Administrator3352CITE
Jeanette CaronInstructional Designer2637Cyber
Jovan GroenActing Director2607CUT
Jovan GroenCurriculum Design and Quality of Learning Specialist2607CUT
Julie Campbell CharbonneauAdministrative Officer5850Cyber
Julie FoucaultLearning Management System Training and Support Officer8960Virtual Campus
Kathleen DesmaraisLearning Management System Training and Support Officer4441Virtual Campus
Kent WalkerMultimedia Systems Specialist5900CITE
Liliane HajjarCoordinator, Client Services5787CITE
Manon DrouinExecutive Assistant5300Cabinet
Marc BélangerMultimedia Design Developer2638Cyber
Marc ViauMultimedia Integrator5900CITE
Marc VilleneuveDistance Education & Off-Campus Site Coordinator6967CITE
Mario AmyotMultimedia Systems Specialist3551CITE
Martin FortinManager, Learning Technology Systems and Networks6533CITE
Melissa BrasgoldEducational Developer - Blended1422CUT
Michael MclaughlinCoordinator, Technical Support for Events and Multimedia Projects5900CITE
Michel MarcheterreManager, Learning Technology Systems and Networks2875Virtual Campus
Nancy VézinaTeaching Programs Manager3899Cabinet
Nicholas JobidonEducational Developer3271CUT
Norman DaoustProject Manager7421Cyber
Pascal LesageSenior Teaching and Learning Systems Specialist6201CITE
Pascal WickertDirector, Operations and Communication6039Cabinet
Patrick MilotGraduate Curriculum Design and Professional Skills4310CUT
Paul A. RoyMultimedia Systems Specialist5900CITE
Pierre TardifCoordinator – Technicial Support for Events3551CITE
Remi RousseauInstructional Designer2313Cyber
Richard PinetDirector3566Cyber
Roland BoisvenuTechnician5900CITE
Sébastien LacasseTeaching and Learning Systems Specialist3745CITE
Sébastien LeducCoordinator, Learning Technology Systems6525Virtual Campus
Thomas HayesMultimedia Integration and Design Developer3051CITE
Vanessa NacarinoEvents Coordinator5333CUT
Xavier ErdmerSenior Educational Technologies Specialist5900CITE

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